Qeexo Wants to Replace Your Proximity Sensor With EarSense

XDA Developers 28 June 2017

Compared to a traditional proximity sensor which is a piece of hardware that is generally packed in the top bezel of our smartphones, EarSense is a software alternative – so it doesn’t take up any space on the phone. The goal of this proprietary software solution is to allow OEMs to free up space from inside the phone (for other components) as EarSense will be able to recognize contact with someone’s face and ears so that it can turn off the screen during a phone call – a function normally accomplished through use of the proximity sensor.

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Qeexo’s EarSense Tech Is An Alternative To Proximity Sensors

Android Headlines 01 June 2017

Qeexo has officially debuted its EarSense software, made to eliminate the proximity sensor by performing its primary function on the software side. Where a traditional proximity sensor turns off a phone’s display if it detects that something is near it or it’s being covered, Qeexo’s EarSense software uses the device’s touch screen to detect a touch from a face or an ear, effectively mimicking the function of a proximity sensor. EarSense is now available for device manufacturers to license and use, meaning it could be making its way into consumer devices as early as this year, though nobody has thus far announced their intention to use the software.

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